Frequently Asked Questions about SMSDRFix

I'm not receiving any delivery receipt with SMSDRFix installed and i wasn't receing them before.
Delivery receipts must be enabled. You can enable delivery receipt for a single message: When you creating a new text message go Menu->Message Options and check the Request message delivery notification item.

Additionally, delivery receipts can be enabled for all future text messages at once: In the standard messaging application go Menu->Tools->Options. Select Text messages account and check the Request delivery notifications field.

After installation of SMSDRFix nothing changed. Delivery receipts still contain phone numbers
There are two main causes:

  • Did you soft reset the device? Soft reset is sometimes neccessary for application start working after installation
  • Windows doesn't trust the application - Download and install this file. Then soft reset the device.
If nothing from above helped, soft reset the device (yes, soft reset first), reinstall SMSDRFix with SMSDRFix debug version and sent some test text message to person from your contact list. A debug log file named SMSDlvrFix.txt will be created in the root folder of the device . Send it to my email. Don't forget to attach an information about your device, its type (e.g. HTC Touch) and OS (e.g. Windows Mobile 6).
Log file contains whole text of all text messages that was received during SMSDRFix debug version installation. So, count with this when you are sending me the log file.

Changed delivery receipts has bad delivery time set, misses usual first line of headers and remains at the top of messages list
This will be solved in the next release, but it is not planned yet.

If i read a text message in Inbox application the notification bubble doesn't disappear
This will be solved in the next release, but it is not planned yet.

Is SMSDRFix compatible with Windows Mobile 6?
Yes, SMSDRFix works on Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

Will be some version for Windows Mobile Smartphone released?
Check SMS Bubbles.