SMS Bubbles

SMSBubbles brings to the world of Windows Mobile Smartphones feature that their "big brother", Pocket PC, has by default - text message preview in bubble.

As a former user of Windows Mobile PDA Phone (MDA Vario) i was used to see an incoming text message on the screen without touching display or pressing a key. As I missed that, i've decided to add displaying text message in a bubble when i've ported the SMS Delivery Receipt Fix to the version for WM Smartphones.

SMSBubbles displays incoming text message or delivery receipt in a "bubble". If text of message contains a phone number SMSBubbles tries to find matching contact from the phone's contact list and according to the settings replaces the number by composed contact string. All phone numbers in a bubble are shown as links, so it is possible to activate them and then make a call to the linked phone number.

SMSBubbles works on Windows Mobile 5 and higher Smartphones.

    Basic features:
  • - Displays incoming text message in modal bubble
  • - Displays SMS delivery notification in bubble
  • - Silent SMS delivery receipt notification
  • - Shows bubble even if device is locked
  • - Resolves phone numbers in text messages and delivery receipts
  • - Provides ability to set custom delivery receipt text
  • - Customizable form of resolved phone number replacement
  • - Supports both QVGA (240x320) and standard (176x220) resolutions
  • - Supports landscape orientation
  • - Bubbles can be switched on/off according the phone profile