SMS Delivery Receipt Fix

When I've bought my first phone edition PDA (HTC Wizard) I was suprised by missing one feature, so common to all cell phones, SMS delivery receipt with the recipient name. So I've created this.

SMSDRFix has the main function resolving a phone number in an incoming SMS delivery receipt and replace it with found contact name. It has also its own notification, initialy set as the New text message notification.

Variability how resulting contact in the text will look is provided by simple setting app (see screenshots).

SMSDRFix works only in Windows Mobile 5 and later. A version for older PocketPCs is not planned.

App shows its notifications and they are not grouped into one in case that more than one exist, as common text messages do.

    Basic features:
  • - Customizable contact name inserting
  • - Resolving phone numbers in text messages
  • - Own changeable notification