Frequently Asked Questions about WM5NewMenu

How to setup WM5NewMenu?
Go Star tMenu->Settings->System->New Menu for MW5

I would like to create own New Email item for custom account.
Create a new item and fill the Command field with string tmail.exe and the field Parameters with string -service <acount-name> -to "". Replace <acount-name> with the name of your email account. For example, the name of the email acount synchronized with the desktop computer is Activesync.
Sometimes parameter -service doesn't work, try -transport instead.

I have uninstalled WM5NewMenu, but softkey label remained the same and/or pushing softkey button causes error that wm5newmenu.exe cannot be found.
This happened in versions before 2.0.2. Version 2.0.2 should have this fixed. The problem can be resolved by two ways:
 - Use Softkey Applet to set custom application to both softkeys. Unzip zip package, copy content into the \Windows folder and soft reset your device. Then go Start Menu->Settings->System->Soft Key and select desired application to each today soft key. Applet shows installed programs in the applications list. New SMS and New MMS items require additional applications.
 - Manualy fix registry entry. Use your favorite registry editor or get some (e.g. free PHM Registry Editor). Navigate to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys. There could be two subkeys, 112 for right sofkey and 113 for left one. You can either delete whole entry and let system to use default values or manage softkey properties under that registry key. The default value contains sofkey label, the Open value contains path to the executable, or shortcut, surrounded by quotation marks.

Is WM5NewMenu compatible with Windows Mobile 6?
WM5NewMenu can run on Windows Mobile 6 Professional or Classic edition. However there is a small incompatibility which causes the default New SMS and New MMS actions don't work. But this could be easily solved. Check the I would like to create own New Email item for custom account item above and use keyword SMS, or MMS resp., as the <acount-name>.

Will be some version for Windows Mobile Smartphone released?
Yes, there is an unofficial smartphone beta version WM5NewMenu 2.0 Beta. Try it and send me some feedback.