SMS Bubbles help

Abbreviations used:
SMS - text message
DR - delivery receipt

Bubble controls
When an SMS/DR is received a bubble comes to the foreground. Following keys are used to control bubble actions:
Home key - brings bubble to foreground (and also home screen)
End (red) key - brings bubble to foreground
Back - does nothing
Up/Down keys - scrolls large text, navigates between phone links
Left/Right keys - navigates between phone links
Action - activates focused phone link and then makes a call to the linked number

These keyboard shortcuts are accessible only when single text message is displayed and phone is not locked:
1 - Save As Read
2 - Reply
3 - Delete
4 - Dissmis
5 - Call sender
6 - View
0 - Shows help with keyboard shortcuts list

When bubble window is lost, Home and End keys will bring it back to foreground.

SMS Bubbles settings is launched from Start menu using SMS Bubbles Settings link. Settings app contains options for SMS Bubbles behavior customization.

SMS Bubbles settings icon SMS Bubbles settings   Disable - Completely disables SMSBubbles
  Show bubbles - Enables displaying bubbles
  Show DR bubble - Enables displaying delivery receipt in bubble
  Disable bubbles in profile - When the selected profile is active bubbles will not be shown
  Turn off screen in profile - When the selected profile is active after receiving a SMS/DR immediately turns off screen backlight. However, app gets its processing focus in a while after a message is received, so the screen shines for a couple of seconds until is switched off
  Mark DR read - DR is immediately marked read after receiving and thus no notification sound is played
  Delete DR - Moves DR to the "Deleted Items" folder
  Use FileAs - When inserting contact name, FileAs property is used for contact name
  Lastname first - When inserting contact name and using first and lastname properties, changes their order
  Show number - When inserting contact name, original number is added
  Add number type - Adds number type identification behind the contact name
  Replace numbers in SMS - In addition to delivery receipts, text messages are also checked for phone numbers
  Custom DR text - Enables settings customs text into delivery receipts. When special mark - @s - is found, into its position is inserted found contact string, according to the settings