Frequently Asked Questions about SMS Bubbles

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During installation of SMS Bubbles i've got warning about missing certificate and possible not working of application. Application really doesn't work.
SMSBubbles is a MAPI plugin and thus need to be run in priviledged mode (must be successfully loaded by trusted application). And in order to be trusted it needs to be signed with a priviledged certificate. The certificate used for signing app dll plugin is trusted on some devices by default (added in the ROM), on several devices it's not.
During installation SMSBubbles checks if such certificate is presented in the Privileged Execution Trust Authorities certificates store. In case the certificate is not found there app tries to add it. However, such operation requires certain priviledges which are not given to installing aplication on a locked Smartphone.
In this case security needs to be unlocked and the mentioned certificate must be installed additionally. Download certificate cabinet and copy it to the device.
Unlock security. How to do that read Smartphone unlocking. To just ensure successfull installation of certificate addon either change the Security level policy (0000101b) or the Unsigned cabs policy (00001005).
Install certificate.
Modified security policy can be set back after successfull installation of certificate.

I'm not receiving any delivery receipt with SMS Bubbles installed and i wasn't receing them before.
Delivery receipts must be explicitly enabled. You can enable delivery receipt for a single message: When you creating a new text message go Menu->Message Options and check the Request message delivery notification item.

Additionally, delivery receipts can be enabled for all future text messages at once. On the accounts selection screen, highlight SMS account, press Menu->Settings and check the Request delivery notifications field.

SMSBubbles doesn't work at all. Any bubble didn't appear, delivery receipts don't have name in place of numbers. However installation of SMSBubbles went well.
Reinstall SMSBubbles by SMSBubbles debug version and send yourself some text message. A debug log file named SMSbubbles.txt will be created in the root folder of the device. Send it, please, to my email. Don't forget to attach an information about your device, its type (e.g. HTC Vox) and OS (e.g. Windows Mobile 6).
Log file contains whole text of all text messages that was received during SMSBubbles debug version installation. So, count with this when you are sending me the log file.

Is SMS Bubbles compatible with Windows Mobile 6?
Yes, it has been tested and works on Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones and Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

I would like to have SMSBubbles in my language
Localization support will be added in the next release. However you can send me all translated texts (items of menu, titles and settings strings) to my email. In a couple of weeks i will prepare template file for translation.